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We are a non-denominational church in a college town, with students from a variety of backgrounds. But we seek to be one family in pursuit of the same goal: loving God through Christ—in genuine relationships with one another.

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In recent weeks, about 3.6 million American students graduated from high school, the National Center for Education Statistics reports. In a few months, an estimated 11.5 million females and 8.9 million males will head to college and university campuses to continue their education.

Among them is Haley Cole McMillon, an active member of the Memorial Road Church of Christ youth group in Oklahoma City and a graduate of Edmond Memorial High School. Passionate about missions, she counts two mission trips to serve children in Honduras as a highlight of her faith journey. 


'Tales From an Honest to God Cowboy'

“Our children are being brought into a world of constant, flickering distraction and amusement. We should not forget that we have real adventure to offer them, if we can have the courage to turn off their machines and screens and take them outside.”

So said S.J. Dahlstrom as he accepted the 2017 Western Heritage Award for his young adult novel “The Green Colt,” the fourth book in “The Adventures of Wilder Good” series. The books celebrate the great outdoors, seen through the eyes of 12-year-old Wilder.


Since his first visit to a Dallas County jail in 1971, Buck Griffith has spent his life taking the Gospel behind bars. 

A minister for the Kings Crossing Church of Christ in Corpus Christi, Texas, he believes that effective prison ministry starts in the church nursery — with dedicated, nurturing volunteers who instill Christlike values into children as they grow up in the pews. That, Griffith says, is crime prevention.

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